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The members of the Auditory Neuroscience Lab

Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Projects


Principal Investigator: Nina Kraus, Ph.D.

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Lab Phone: 847-491-2457

Frances Searle Building Rm 2-233


The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory studies the changes in the brain that happen with auditory learning. We study speech and music processing in normal listeners throughout the lifespan, auditory experts (musicians; bilinguals), clinical populations (poor readers; autism; hearing loss), and an animal model.

Nina Kraus

NSF: Finding Your Science - 2010
Music and the Brain

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Neural response to complex sounds: Our approach

Nina Kraus

McKnight Brain Institute Lecture - 2013
Music, the Brain and Aging

Nina Kraus

Music, Science & Medicine at the New York Academy of Sciences - 2011

Nina Kraus at AudiologyNOW 2014

Marion Downs Lecture - 2014
Biological Assessment in Audiology:
Auditory Processing and Hearing in Noise




Research in the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory is supported by:
National Institutes of Health National Science Foundation GRAMMY Foundation National Association of Music Merchants Knowles Hearing Center Northwestern University